Fuse 3

Tandem en B
La Fuse 3 est un parapente biplace destiné aux professionnels qui exigent un maximum d’efficacité, de fiabilité et aussi de plaisir de vol.

Le prix initial était : CHF 4'990.00.Le prix actuel est : CHF 2'700.00.


Greater just got even better

  • The Fuse 2 was our most successful tandem ever, and the Fuse 3 builds on this platform. Notable improvements are an enhanced big ears control system and even more durable fabric yet in a lighter package
  • Innovative big ears system makes it much easier to hold and release or even control with brakes
  • Exclusive new fabric developed by GIN and Myungjin offers outstanding durability with light weight
  • Easy inflation and smoother take-off
  • Minimal shooting in strong conditions
  • Precise and well co-ordinated turn with super light brake pressure
  • First class “thermal sniffing” ability
  • Great energy retention with trim off, or super-soft, progressive braking with trim neutral
  • Improved real world performance in weak and strong conditions alike
  • More durable yet lighter canopy fabric “Trim neutral” position indicator on risers
  • Replaceable trimmer webbing
  • As with the Fuse 2, the trim settings and wide weight range offer versatility for light pilots and passengers. The wing can also be flown solo

Spécifications techniques

Surface à plat (m²)3741.15
Envergure à plat (m)14.0714.84
Allongement à plat5.355.35
Surface projetée (m²)31.3434.86
Envergure projetée (m)11.0811.69
Allongement projeté3.923.92
Nombre de cellules4949
Poids de la voile (kg)6.57.2
Poids en vol (PTV) (kg)90-19090-220
CertificationEN BEN B

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